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Car Transportation

Choose Shyam Logistics, Pune for the best movers and packers in India. We are the only company with a perfect record of 100% damage-free car and bike shifting. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes large trailers equipped with forklifts, ensuring a scratch-free move. While you could drive your vehicle to your new destination, you would need an all-India permit and would have to deal with the hassle of driving overnight and servicing your vehicle upon arrival. Booking with Shyam Logistics saves you time, effort, money on fuel, and the expense of servicing your vehicle. We'll pick it up from your garage and deliver it to your new address, with careful attention to safety and security. You can trust us to take care of your precious vehicle during its transition, and if any damage occurs, your vehicle is insured and you can make a claim to cover repairs. Contact us to book your slot and experience a hassle-free move.

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